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"Psalm of Life" & "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls"

“Psalm of Life” and “The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls” are two works of poetry, written by the same autor, that handle very artistic and morally righteous topics in their contents. Even so, the two values of “justice” and “fairness” are not always shown in an explicit way in these two poems, but often require a little bit more digging to discover the meaning or relation of the stanzas to be able to compare or show the presence of these values . Starting with “A Psalm of Life”, we can see that the autor dedicates a lot of stanzas to the meaning of life and its fleeting nature, to being a better person than the one we were yesterday, to live as such that our lives become an example and an encouragement to other people when we die, and other stuff, so perhaps it can almost seems like “fairness” and “justice” are not the most adecuate values to show that are present on this poem, but it actually mentions how we should strive to be like heroes in the war of life,and one of the characteristics…

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